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I'm a freelance editor and writing coach, with over seven years experience working professionally with writers, and almost twenty years of beta reading and active critique. I've worked with a wide range of writers on a diverse array of projects. What I offer varies as well: I aim to tailor my services to each writer's needs.

Whether you're looking for more generalized notes, a deep-dive developmental edit, a detailed stylistic line edit, or a final copyedit for grammar, syntax, and formatting, I have you covered. I work with both creative and academic writers.

I also offer coaching, which can be useful at any stage of the writing process—even before you have a full draft! In coaching calls, I can be a sounding board and "accountabilibuddy," help you with goal setting and motivation strategies, give you feedback on your work as you progress, and (not least of all) provide boundless encouragement! Coaching calls can stand on their own, or be teamed with other editing packages.


If this sounds like it could be a good fit, I'd love to hear from you!

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