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Editorial Services
for Nonfiction & Academic Writers

Editing for nonfiction and academic writing undergoes a very similar process as editing for fiction. Below are the services I offer, to help you develop and polish your nonfiction writing! These services can be applied to short- or long-form essays (including theses and dissertations), articles and blog posts, or miscellaneous copywriting.


If you're still in the brainstorming stage—whether struggling to understand your assignment, or to structure and streamline your ideas—you may also be interested in my coaching services!

Manuscript Review

This can be useful for longer-form documents—think of this as the first stage of feedback. You will receive a comprehensive editorial letter, which touches on things like organization, clarity of ideas, the focus of your argument, and whether some parts would be better served if cut out or elaborated on. This edit comes with a follow-up call or email response, to clarify any points if needed.

Developmental Edit

This is similar to the manuscript review, but is more in-depth. This edit comes with detailed comments and queries throughout the document, in addition to an editorial revision letter. 

Line Editing

Once your argument/content is in place, it's time to tackle things on a stylistic level! In this edit we make sure that what you're saying is delivered in a clear and engaging way, without sacrificing your own writerly voice. Some copyediting naturally occurs throughout this process, but not to the degree of a dedicated copyedit—I always recommend following up with a copyedit!


Here's where I get finicky for you! In addition to hunting down those pesky typos and punctuation errors, let me triple-check the rules of your style guide, ensuring you're adhering to the expected formatting and spelling rules. This may include a Bibliography/Works Cited review, addressing formatting and confirming sources.

Note: I am most proficient in the MLA style guide.

Still have questions?

Check out the FAQs, and don't hesitate to contact me!

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