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How lovely to meet you!

As you could likely guess, I've loved books and stories since the moment I could understand them. Raised by a professional storyteller, I have a great love for the many-layered process of writing and storytelling. I joined my first teen writing workshop back in 2001, and through beta reading and active critique I developed an equal passion for working with writers.  I went on to get a degree in Art + Text, where I studied both creative writing and visual art (including narrative and sequential art).


I've been working with writers in a more formal capacity since 2013. For six of those years I was a writing consultant at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, where I worked with student and faculty writers on a wide variety of both academic and creative writing projects. While there, I also developed and facilitated a weekly creative writing workshop, ran regular writing and reading challenges, and co-taught an introductory creative writing class. During this time, I took several editing courses to develop my editorial eye.


These experiences showed me how important it is for writers to have support and feedback. The author, to me, is as important as the writing. While I will always give you honest and thorough feedback, it is also important that the writer remain excited about their work, regardless of the revisions required. Because of this, I'm passionate about the coaching services I offer, where I provide real-time encouragement along with my editorial feedback.


Aside from this, who am I? I live on the lovely west coast of British Columbia, where I enjoy listening to the rain. I love tea and tea paraphernalia, fairy tales, Celtic mythology, historical dress, fountain pens, bringing stones home from the beach, getting overly invested in D&D characters, and feeding my very chubby guinea pig. In my spare time, I continue to work on my own writing, which is a mix of poetry and short fiction.

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