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I'm interested in your coaching services. What is my first step?

It's of utmost importance to have a good connection with your writing coach! I offer a free 15-minute consultation, which can take the form of a voice or video call, where we discuss your goals and options. You can then decide if you would like to move forward with full sessions!


need editing services. How do I start?

First, reach out and tell me a bit about what you're working on! If I feel that I can be of help to you, I'll ask for a sample of your work, and let you know my suggestions on what stage of the editing process to move forward with. I will also send you a quote, and, for longer manuscripts, provide you with a free editing sample.


What is provided in the free sample?

It's so important to feel comfortable with your editor. After seeing your manuscript and identifying the best stage of the editing process to start with, I will provide a complimentary edit of either 1,000 words, or 5% of your work (whichever is shorter). You can then decide if this is a good fit for you! (Please note that free samples are only provided for manuscripts longer than 10,000 words.)

I don't know which kind of editing my manuscript needs. What should I do? 

This is a common conundrum, but not a problem! After looking at your sample, and discussing your goals, timeline, and budget with you, I will be able to give you a personalized recommendation on which services would be the best fit for you.

Can I combine coaching and editing services?

Absolutely! After speaking to you and seeing your writing sample, we can discuss the best way to move forward. This may involve having coaching sessions while the editorial process is underway, or transitioning from one into the other.


What software do you use? Do I need any fancy programs?

I do almost all of my editing in Microsoft Word, using the Track Changes function. If you've never used it before, I'll send the document back with instructions on basic use! Editorial Review letters are sent in PDF format. 


Coaching sessions and editorial follow-up calls are held over Microsoft Teams. This can be used via desktop software or through your browser, if you'd prefer not to download a program. Teams can be used with or without video (but does require a fairly dependable internet connection). If you have any concerns about this, let me know and we can find a solution!

How much do your services cost? Why do so many editors not list their fees?

With both my editorial and coaching sessions, I aim to tailor my services to the individual needs of each writer. During the consultation process, we will identify what best suits your needs, and design a "package" for you, as needed. While rates are given based off of set fees, the quote I give you takes into account several factors, including the kind of editing required, how much editing is needed, whether you need a tight turnaround, and whether you're interested in a bundle (a developmental edit followed by a line edit, for example).

Do you edit [insert genre of writing]?

If you're unsure, feel free to reach out and ask! I have experience editing, workshopping, and beta reading a wide variety of genres. I lean toward literary fiction, speculative fiction, LGBTQ+ content, some historicals, fantasy, YA, and romance. I'm probably not your best bet for Westerns, horror, hard sci-fi, or police procedurals!

I've also worked with several artist-writers, on comics/graphic novels, children's picture books, and adult picture books. My background as an artist means that I'm well-versed in visual critique, and can help you with the visual design of your illustrations and pairing your text with your images.

My experience with academic editing is based in the arts and humanities, including art history, gender and cultural studies, design and media theory, literature, and personal essays.  

I also draw knowledge from a pool of personal interests, including folklore/mythology/fairy tales, Irish/British history, herbology, mysticism/occultism, historical dress, and horses.

I still have questions!

Feel free to contact me with any queries! I would love to hear from you.

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