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Whether you're developing a manuscript or want to improve your writing skills in general, coaching can provide that forward momentum you're looking for. It can assist with motivation and accountability, help you develop your craft, and make writing a less solitary act. Coaching can even start when all you have is a jumble of ideas!


The core of the coaching process is the video call. These are generally held once a week, for an hour per session. Here, we can talk about your writing and ideas, any successes or stumbling blocks you may have had, and goal setting.


For some writers, that's enough. However, the goal is to tailor the experience to each writer's needs. With this in mind, you can choose from a list of add-ons to create an individualized package that works for you.

  • "Pages"

    • With this add-on, you can submit up to 10 pages a week, or 25 pages every two weeks, which I will read within the equivalent timeframe. This means that I'll be ready to discuss that content in a subsequent coaching session. This also provides a deadline that can serve as useful motivation!


  • "Pages" (with written feedback)

    • This is similar to the add-on above, though only available as a bi-weekly submission. The difference here is that I will return your pages with written feedback. This can be useful for people who would rather not take as many notes while we talk, prefer to have a more dependable written record of my feedback—or would like to use our sessions for discussing other things, like upcoming content, goal setting, or writer's block.

    • Note: Any written feedback I give on an isolated portion of a work in progress is for the purposes of developing a first draft, and is not guaranteed to stand in the context of the completed manuscript. This is why—if your coaching goal is a complete manuscript—I recommend following up with a manuscript evaluation or developmental edit. If you choose to have me perform that service, my feedback may reflect a different point of view once I'm able to address the manuscript as a whole.


  • Accountability check-ins

    • If one of your struggles is simply showing up at the page, we can work out an accountability system to help with that. You can choose between email responses, or a shared spreadsheet where we can both check in.


  • Optional emergency call

    • Sometimes, we hit a real tangle, and it's tough to move forward. This can spring from a particularly difficult part of your story, or an unexpected bout of writer's block. With this add-on, you have the option of an additional 30-minute call to work through this particular snag. These calls are available once every two-week period.


  • Body doubling

    • This practice addresses the phenomenon wherein it can be easier to work alongside someone else. In these calls, we start and end with the typical check-in and goal setting, but otherwise we simply work together, individually, on video call. (That is, no coaching otherwise occurs.) These sessions are priced significantly lower than the main coaching calls.

    • At this time, clients are able to schedule up to two co-working sessions per week, of up to one hour in length.

    • (Learn more about body doubling!)



Flexibility is important, and we can always reassess your needs and add-ons at a later point in the process. Likewise, if you prefer voice calls to video calls, or even asynchronous written coaching, we can make that work!

Focus on the individual is of prime importance to me. Because of this, these sessions are a safe space to accommodate neurodiversity or disabilities. Feel free to move about during our sessions, to fidget, or to repeat a point. Likewise, when discussing motivation and goal-setting, we can openly address common issues that come along with diagnoses such as ADHD, depression, anxiety, ASD, and more. Additionally, these sessions (and my editing services in general) are a LGBTQ+ safe space.

As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions, to book your free 15-minute consultation, or to design a coaching package that works for you!

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