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Editorial Services 
for Fiction
& Creative Writers

You may have heard the saying that writing is rewriting—and it's true that revision is a many-layered process! The first stage is the developmental edit, the broadest and deepest form of editing.


When you finish that final page of your first draft, it can be tempting to clean up those typos and be done with it—but even impeccable grammar can't save a story suffering from loose pacing, flat characters, or a confusing plot, and oftentimes writers are too close to their own stories to see what's really working, and what's not. 

This is where I come in! Below are two strong options for approaching an early draft. 


(If you're still working on writing the first draft, you may be interested in my coaching services, instead!)

Developmental Edit

Developmental editing is a thorough look at the big picture: plot, pacing, characters (their arcs and motivations), setting, structure, theme, consistency. This edit might provide recommendations to trim things out, while fleshing out other aspects to your story.


You will receive an editorial review letter which outlines the broader strokes of my recommendations, with accompanying queries and comments throughout the manuscript to help give clear and actionable examples of my suggestions. This editing package includes a follow-up call or clarifying email, if you have any questions about my edits. 

Manuscript Review

A manuscript review is a wonderful resource, which may be the right fit for you for more than one reason. It is similar to a developmental edit (DE), but less of a deep-dive. With a manuscript review, you will receive a comprehensive editorial letter, which touches on the same points the DE would. However, unlike the DE, it is not accompanied by in-manuscript comments and queries—it is a standalone letter.


Some writers choose to get a manuscript review first, make revisions based off of those suggestions, and then move into a full DE. For others, the review functions as a more affordable alternative to a DE. (For newer writers in particular, however, I would recommend a full developmental edit, which provides more specific and detailed examples of how to implement the recommended changes within the manuscript itself.)

Still have questions?

Check out the FAQs, and don't hesitate to contact me!

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